Intermediate Levels 3&4


This difficulty tier is meant for practitioners who have established a solid foundation in the basics of Parkour. This class is not available to an athlete who has never taken parkour class. At this level athletes will be pushed to rely less and less upon soft or padded surfaces during their training and instead be more confident in their abilities to execute movements and recover safely. This tier will have more training on hard surfaces, so competence and comfortability with concrete and wood structures will expected and developed further. Athletes will also be encouraged to start training for and potentially take part in various types of competition.

Examples of various techniques we work on in this tier are as follows:


Solid Surfaces

-          Landings

-          Rolls

Cat Backs

Beginner Climb Ups

Intermediate Rail Work

Intermediate Bar Work

-          Cast Away

-          Fly Away 

Advanced Vaulting 

-          Ambidextrous

-          Vault Chains

-          Vault Precisions

-          Doubles


Line Building, stringing together vaults, and flips and creating movement patterns that flow together.

Intermediate Flips

-          Backflips

-          Wall flips

-          Flipping on hard ground