Beginner Levels 1&2


This difficulty tier is meant for practitioners who are brand new to parkour, or still developing skills and learning to train on hard surfaces. No prior knowledge or experience with parkour is required. Classes will cover the most basic of parkour principles and movements so as to build a solid foundation for each athlete to progress from and build upon. Soft surfaces and mats will be heavily utilized in this tier as most practitioners will still be in a very early stage of development

Examples of various techniques we work on in this tier are as follows:


Upright Landing

Forward Fall

Backward Fall

Quadrupedal Movement

Broad Jump

Basic Rail Work

Basic Vaulting

Large focus on Safety, and establishing comfort with movement in various situations


Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder Roll Landing

Break Falls

Cat Hangs/grabs

Wall Runs


Basic Bar Work

Intermediate Vaults

Basic Flips

- Front Flip

- Side Flip