Advanced Levels 5&6


This difficulty tier is meant for practitioners who have continued to grow their foundation in parkour movement and are now ready to move on to more advanced techniques. Practitioners must have their level 4 band and approval of the head coaches before they may enroll in this tier. The training in this tier will take on a very athlete specific and competition oriented form with Level 5 classes operating in a similar format to all previous levels. Level 6 classes however will not take on the same format but rather be changed and structured on a day-by-day basis around each athlete.

Examples of various techniques we work on in this tier are as follows:


Advanced Rail Work

-          Pole Cats

-          Rail Pre at height

-          Rail Strides with Speed

Decent Training

-          Drop Pre

-          Drop Cat

Advanced Strength Training

Advanced flips

-          Twisting

-          Multi-flip strings

-          Minimal pit usage

-          Technical flip locations


Peer / Self-Assessment

Competition Level Strength and Conditioning

Double Flips

Double Twists

Flip Precisions

Competition Specific Training